How I prepare myself for public speaking

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. These famous words by Benjamin Franklin stress the importance of preparation. But when it comes to public speaking, how do you prepare yourself? What do you do during those critical moments before your presentation? Let me lift the curtain for you and tell you how I prepare myself for public speaking. 

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6 tips to become an excellent speaker

I’ve coached people from all kinds of levels. People who were too nervous to stand in front of an audience, and people who are natural speakers and were apparently born to stand in front of an audience. Even though their levels differ, their question to me is always the same: how can I become the best possible speaker? I’ve bundled together some of the most important pieces of advice I give them. 

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What causes public speaking anxiety?

You practice your presentation over and over again, and all goes well. But once it’s time for the real thing, anxiety strikes. Why can we become such nervous wrecks in front of an audience? What happens with our body? And how do you get a grip on your nerves?

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